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Writing Advice

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

In preparation for beginning our series of throwback Thursday posts we as a team here at Pub518 have been reading through our old posts. As we were, we discovered that a number of our posts have a theme; they center around giving advice to fellow writers.

Once we realized this we decided that something needed to be done. And that's where "Mini Writing Topics" was born. The four of here at PUB518 have decided to bring you something new. This mini-book, now available on amazon or at any of our upcoming events, is a compilation of posts from the four writers that form this company. We hope that we can help you, our readers, become writers, and of course submit to our next book!

So please, check us out on amazon,

or at our November 4th even in Glens Falls. And as always, happy writing!!

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