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Women-owned indie publishing company dedicated to advancing the professional interests of career-focused writers in and around the 518 area code region through networking, advocacy, and publication.

Pub518, or 518 Publishing Company LLC as we are officially recognized, started in 2016 with four women who gathered frequently to write, edit, plot, and kill (maim, or morph) characters; as well as to talk about writing, editing, plotting, and the most dramatic ways to kill off characters.  

Our mission is to give local writers a leg up in the publishing world by providing them with a venue for short works of (mostly) fiction. We have four published anthologies, Influence of the MoonDark and BitterExploits in The Adirondacks, and A Guide to Useless Sidekicks.  Beneath the Misty Surface will be released soon! We are currently accepting submissions for a sixth, Cold and Crisp.

These anthologies have provided a venue for our authors to be recognized with nominations and awards including; The 2020 Dwarf Stars Anthology and Award, Pushcart Prize Nominations, Rhysling Nomination, and Critter Awards for Best Anthology, Best Editors, Best Publishers, and more!

We welcome all writers, new or seasoned from NY to Bangladesh to submit a short piece regardless of genre. Please submit to us!

E-Mail: 518pub@gmail.com

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