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For A Guide To Useless Sidekicks (2020)

Pushcart Prize Nominations

Doll Parts by Shannon Grant

Goat by Ben Blanchette

Hellcat by Ariana Ferrante

Henchman for Hire by Gregg Chamberlain

r/Superheroes by Timothy Lawton

Rock, Paper, Scissors by Rachael Crawford


Critter Awards

Best Anthology 2020: 10th Place

Book Cover Artwork: 5th Place

Book Editors: 6th Place

Book Publishers: 3rd Place

Best Magical Realism Short Story: Doll Parts By Shannon Grant: 1st Place

Best Romance Short Story:  

A Villian's Guide to Useless Sidekicks by Shannon Yseult: 3rd Place

Best SciFi/Fantasy Short Story: r/Superheros by Tim Lawton: 5th Place


Magnort by Ellie A Goss: 11th Place

Best Steampunk Short Story:

Goat by Ben Blanchette: 2nd Place


For Influence of the Moon (2019)

Critter Awards

Best Anthology 2019: 2nd Place

Best Print/Electronic Book Publisher 2019: 3rd Place

critter awards 2019 anthology.jpg
critter awards 2019 publisher.jpg

Rhysling Nomination

Herb Kauderer: "Green Sky"

Clay F. Johnson: "Lines Written by Moonlight at Whitby Abbey"


Pushcart Prize Nominations

Cy-BORG-N: "Pandas in the Wind"

Grace Onorato:  "Origin Story"

Liesl Graber: "Almost a Fantasy"

Joe Di Bari: "Jake Moonlight"

Clay F. Johnson: "Lines Written by Moonlight at Whitby Abbey"

Richard Beauchamp: "Sons of Luna"

The 2020 Dwarf Stars Anthology and Award

Herb Kauderer: "the music of luna's pull"

dwarf star award.jpg

For Exploits In The Adirondacks (2018)


Rhysling Nominations

Herb Kauderer: "Conditions of the Curse"

For Dark and Bitter (2017)

Pushcart Nominations

Shan Jeniah Burton: "Being Colette

Susan Garmen: "The Bracelet"

critter awards.jpg

Critter Awards

Best Print/Electronic Publisher 2017: 9th Place

Best Anthology 2017: 11th Place

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