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Happy Holidays!

No matter what you celebrate, this time of year is full of family, giving, food, and so much more. It can be a great inspiration. It can also be a terrible distraction. It is important to use this time to focus on the good parts, rather than let the bad set us back.

One recent trend in writing, and really not so recent as well, is to use the holidays as inspiration. There are more and more books hitting the shelves with a holiday theme. whether this be the traditional children's book featuring Jolly Old Saint Nick, or a novella with a holiday setting, these books are becoming more popular. I personally wrote a holiday novella that fits into my cozy mystery series. Its a fun way to continue the story without writing a full novel.

The holidays can inspire you in other ways too. For example, this is often looked at as a time of love and giving. Those themes may find their way into your writing this time of year. Of course you may also want to write about the craziness this time of year. A story about shopping on Black Friday could be full of interesting tidbits.

The important thing to remember this time of year is keep writing. Whether you've had a successful year or have been rejected a few times, just keep going. Even if no one ever gets to see your stuff, it can helpful just to get it out on paper. So through this crazy time of year, whenever you need a break, sit down and write!

From all of us here at PUB518, Happy Holidays!!

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