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Giving Thanks

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Thanksgiving is wrapping up here in the States so we thought we'd look over the last year to see what we are thankful for.

A successful second book! Not only did we have a fantastic release weekend and party we learned as much with this book as we did with our first release. The reviews have been flowing in from readers who loved it, and what more can we ask for?

Working with wonderful authors! The process of publishing an anthology involves a lot of intense work with many different authors. Each year we work with different people, and they turned out to be lovely. We hope to continue working with them on future pieces and see how their writing grows.

Going to lots of new events! As we learn and grow we've heard about events in the area and started to attend them. Thanks to our VP our display has looked wonderful every time. It has given us a chance to connect with the local writing and reading community in a different way.

Amazing submissions for our next anthology! We can't say too much here, as the first round of emails isn't going to come out until next year. But we've been taking a peak at what's been sent in and we're excited. It's going to be awesome.

Wonderful readers! The whole thing wouldn't be complete without those who read the final product. We're thankful for those who have found this small press book, taken a chance by trying it out, and loved it so much that you spread the word! Without readers this company could not exist.

Thank you for your part in this wonderful year. We're excited that you're on this journey with us, and hope that you're enjoying it as much as we are!


Shannon K.

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