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No Zero Days

There are always days where the writing doesn't want to come. Days where sitting down in the chair is hard, particularly when the bed is just over there and it's so warm. You could just snuggle in there with a book.....

How does one fight with that?!

I know many have laptops which they can take with them into bed, which can help make writing a bit more bearable. Yet that doesn't promise that the words get written.

Instead I offer; none zero days.

This can be used for any goal you have, not just writing goals. The idea is that every day you should make every effort to have THE MINIMUM progress on your goals. If your goal is to be healthier then perhaps the minimum is to go do one push up. For writing maybe it's to write one sentence. For meditation it might be to sit in silence for one minute.

Here's the thing, once you start on the goal you're significantly more likely to do more than the minimum. If you're already on the ground then you might do five pushups, and then you've done 5x the amount of progress!

If you want an extra push on it though, you can add the extra tension of counting how many days in a row you have none zero days. If you're following this all the time then the total should become quite large in no time at all, but there's something extra motivational in knowing that by doing a pushup today you're continuing a 101 day streak!

And, just for those looking for a real challenge, you could try to have none zero hours. When you're not sleeping, of course!

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