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Shannon's Most Influential Authors

I'm going to focus on authors whom have affected my writing.

Neil Gaiman - I started reading all of his works and absolutely loved the variety of genres and arm forms that he works in. Every story seems lovingly chosen for the form that it ended up in. I would love to work on a variety of projects like that in the future. Furthermore I read his entire backlog of writing related blog posts too! These were really helpful and easy to approach because of the kind words that Neil uses. I recommend them to this day to any fledgling author.

Brandon Sanderson - Not only are his novel epic tapestries made of words, his classes and podcast are similarly excellent. I've listened to many seasons of Writing Excuses and watched Sanderson's classes on Youtube at least twice, and I'm ready for a third viewing. There's a ton of information in each one, that I get more out of it every time.

Michael J. Sullivan - Taught me an amazing lesson about where to start a story. His Riyria Revelations started with two characters who had worked together for ten years and the banter and history they had was what made that story shine. It's something that I've kept in mind ever since.

Patrick Rothfuss - There's a time and place for certain story telling techniques and he knocks them out of the park. Again this is a situation where they taught me one thing very well, but if I can remember all of these lessons because they were impactful then it was worth it!

Luanne G. Smith - Debuted last year and knocked it out of the park! It's quite intimidating to have ones first novel be cross genre, but let me tell you I haven't read a book that swept me off my feet like this since Harry Potter. It was a cross between romance, mystery, and magic. I enjoyed every second of it, and I hope it gives me inspiration to cross genre's whenever I please, to make a masterpiece like this!

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