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TBT# 6

One of the most exciting things in a writer’s life is when a new book is released. Seeing your work in print and knowing that other people will read it is a real thrill. Anything that is related to the release is exhilarating.

This week we at Pub518 got to experience one of these thrills. This week our newest anthology, Exploits in the Adirondacks, became available for pre-order. We also hosted a book cover reveal party on facebook. People were able to guess what the cover would like and win free e-books. It was so much fun! Even though I knew what the cover looked like, I still couldn’t wait for each new section to be revealed.

Of course, being on this side of the cover reveal was different. After all, we had to actually design the cover. Since this book had a real and definite setting for all of the stories we were able to use a photograph. The four of us spent a day in the Adirondacks and took many pictures. Then we went through them all and settled on one. Then we added the title and other necessary information. The rest of the photos won’t go to waste either. You never know when one might show up!

The other aspect of this week is that with the cover reveal the book is now on pre-order. This means that people can start purchasing it on-line. To me that makes it real. Even though the book won’t be officially out until September (and look out for details on that soon!), this is the first step in our work being read by others.

The whole thing just makes me feel like this writing thing I’ve been doing is worth it. Whether I ever make any real money from it or not, my work is out there, it can be read and enjoyed by others, and that is my ultimate goal.

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