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TBT# 8

One of my favorite things to do is to free write. It unleashes my inner creativity, and a great way to break through writer’s block. It’s not hard but you have to prep yourself.

Set a time limit for your free write. I find that 20 minutes works best. Remove yourself from all distractions and listen to the pulse around you. Release each cell of your body and roam, touch, feel and experience with your mind following close behind. Each thought, sound, and smell becomes a new discovery. It’s similar to meditation but instead of looking for inner peace, you are exploring your environment. Feel the energy and with a gentle tug inside, the words will start to gather and spill out of your fingertips.

One night sitting at the kitchen table while the house was empty, I came up with a beginning of a short story.

Lizette’s Free Write at the Kitchen Table

Sitting on a chair at the kitchen table, I watch and listen. Stillness. No, that is not true. There is movement. The clock pendulum swings back and forth. Tick, tick, tick with each arc.

The air doesn’t stir. Stuffy and stagnate. A whiff of toast lingers and reaches my nostrils. It invokes memories of my toasted tomato sandwich I had for dinner.

Humming from the refrigerator is low and constant. A cacophony of night sounds drifts in from an open window. Chirping, trilling, and clicks. Tires rolling over the road pavement from a passing car.

The lighting is low, only the light over the sink is on. I need to vacuum the floor. I need to wipe the counters.

I focus on the clock, it draws me. The rhythmic movement is soothing and hypnotizing. I feel somewhat anxious and at peace at the same time. My mind is combing through the list of things I need to do tomorrow but the ticking of the clock draws me back.

Remember not to go back and edit. I’m guilty of doing this, but somehow I restrained myself. This is what I transformed the above free write into.

The Intruder by Lizette Strait
Sitting at the kitchen table, I watched and listened. Stillness. The light over the sink cast shadows throughout the dimly lit room. De Ja Vu swept over me as the day’s events flooded my mind.
I focused on the mantle clock. Tick, tick, tick. The rhythmic movement was soothing and hypnotizing. I felt anxious and at peace at the same time. How odd.
The rustle of clothing drew me away from my thoughts. I looked down at the man lying on the floor and watched him stir. It surprised me he stayed unconscious this long. I didn’t hit him that hard, did I?

So what do you think? Would you want to turn the page to read what happens next? I hope so. Give free writing a try. It’s fun and shakes the words up when the things get a bit boring.


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