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Meet Our Authors

Local Spotlight!


Jaz Johnson


Jaz Johnson is, among many things, an artist, author, and CEO of Typo Central Publishing Studio. 

She's written in the genres of romance, fantasy, science fiction, and children's fiction. She is an active mentor of youth, whom she guides in their pursuit of creative writing and visual arts. Check out her publications, and find out what's in store for her newly established publishing studio.

Shannon Grant

Shannon had always had a vivid imagination as a kid.  Then she grew into an adult and decided to use her imagination to try to scare the bejesus out of the general public.  Her first body horror story, "The Butterfly Queen," was in the anthology Invocations by Great Old Ones Publishing.  Her second story, "Grandpa's Bears," is in the anthology Exploits in the Adirondacks by 518 Publishing.  In her spare time she enjoys movie marathons and traveling to weird and unusual tourist attractions.  She is currently working on more creepy tales to share with the world.




Timothy Lawton

Timothy Lawton is an author from upstate New York who loves comics, pro wrestling, tabletop roleplaying games and cosmic horror. Tim writes stories of both the fantastical and mundane (but never boring) variety. Tim lives in Latham, New York with his wife and their two dogs, Dresden and Molly.

Authors from Near and Far


"Cy BORG-N is a roach motel--half machine, half cockroach, but ALL genius! Cy is unkillable. Cy has survived an atomic blast! Equally deadly with the pen as the AK-47, Cy is nonetheless just meek enough to inherit the earth. You can follow Cy's adventures in GMOWORLD on facebook and all the other purveyors of internet drivel."


S.A. Harder

For the last twelve years during National Novel Writing Month, SA Harder has jumped off the writing cliff penning science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction. Not much happens in her life without writing some sort of an account. Her best attributes are that she loves editing and discussing how Star Wars is an example of most every plot point. The characters in her manuscripts can be considered friends but not in a weird way. At home she has a magnificent curved writing desk but can be more often seen with friends writing at a cafe. A few of the beverages appear regularly in her writing. Her occasional thoughts can be found at @InsideOortCloud which refers to the general area of her science fiction universe and at which refers to her ambition to, above all, write a good story.

Gillian Hill

A copywriter, editor, and a stay at home mom, who loves to write fiction in her (limited) spare time. She lives in Boise, Idaho and blogs about parenting and getting her kids outdoors as much as possible at You can find out more about her role as an editor at


Herb Kauderer

Herb Kauderer is an associate professor of English at Hilbert College.  He holds a PhD in Popular Literature from the University at Buffalo, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College in Vermont, meaning his credentials frame the 518 home area nicely.  He also has five other college degrees, the obvious result of an extended inferiority complex.  Herb has written film, drama, short fiction, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, and several boatloads of poetry.  His book The Snowstorm of '14: Poems from the Front Lines surprisingly managed to hit the Kobo bestseller list for two weeks peaking at number one.  Herb wonders what is more unlikely, that poetry should sell?  Or that snowstorms should sell?  For no rational reason, success seems to follow Herb when he writes about Paul Bunyan as he did for Exploits in the Adirondacks.  He is wondering if he should explore writing about Bunyan's pet ox Babe next.

Ashab-Ul-Islam Santow BA, MA. 

A Level 1 freelancer at Fiverr and writer by passion. Currently working at CodersTrust Bangladesh

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