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Summer Challenge

As the summer is starting, particularly here in NY were we just got our first week of 70 degrees, many things are on my mind. I just painted the porch and I need to clean the outside of all of the windows. There is still a lot of yard work left to do and the yard is overgrowing, particularly with all of the rain that I've been getting.

Yet there's an obvious problem with this internal dialogue of summer things to do; just where does the writing fit in?

I find it particularly hard to carve out the time in the summer, even though I'm not taking classes the call of the outdoors is too much to ignore most of the time. Both chores and nice long walks with the doggo seem relaxing, or at least procrastinating the writing. 

But, I do make the time!

First and foremost I go to writers group every Sunday night. Even if the sun is still out the call of friends and food always drowns it out, and the night is constantly fun and productive.

Second is scheduling the time on my calendar. Depending on my goals it's anywhere from 1-5 hours of additional writing or editing time per week. I adjust it as needed. While I'm allowed to reschedule to accommodate another activity, it's not allowed outside of that week. 

Third is Camp NaNo in July. Sometimes the extra power of having those in the cabin can help motivate. A month long goal is one of my favorites, long term enough to make a difference and short term enough to be manageable. 

To end this off I have challenges!

To writers: Find a local writers group and attend at least twice. If you already do that schedule two additional hours per week into your calendar to work on your craft!

To readers: Find an indie book that has fewer than the magical 40 rating threshold on Amazon, read it, then rate it! 

Let us know how these challenges go!



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