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Throwback Thursday #1

What comes after the button?

Originally posted 8/19/2018

​We’ve talked a lot on this blog about how to write your story, get your idea, get started, edit, even submitting. What we haven’t really discussed is what happens after. Your book has been published, yay! Go celebrate. But the work isn’t over. How are you going to actually get people to read your book? I don’t mean your family and friends, but people you have never met.

The first step in marketing is getting the word out there. Depending on your genre and location there are many ways to do that. Here at Pub518 we use Facebook, Twitter, and word of mouth. We post these blogs so that people know who we are. We also post to groups and hashtags that are specifically designed to promote books. And of course we ask our friends for help. The advantage of being a part of a large group of writers is that we all help each other when it comes to promotion.

Another important marketing tool is book fairs. Remember in elementary school when the book fair would come and you would get to pick out exciting new books? Well it’s like that but for grown-ups. Tables full of books for the public to browse and buy. Authors to meet and get autographs from. At some there are panel to improve writing skills. These can be great places for an author to showcase books. You can meet new readers and fellow authors, introduce new people to your stuff. While these sometimes cost money it is worth it to get your books out there in the world.

You will be seeing this all of these things and more in the coming months as Pub518 launches our newest anthology “Exploits in the Adirondacks”. We hope to see many of you at our events!

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